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Tiled floors and surfaces look beautiful when they're clean. But over time, dirt and grime accumulate in the tile grout, causing the once dazzling floor to look dull and tired.  No matter the tile or stone type we are prepared to extend the lifespan of your floors by giving them that clean look like when they were first purchased. 


This also includes restoring the grout back to its original color and shape using brushing agitation before using the steam extraction to remove all the gunk and grime within the pores of the grout.


All cleaning solutions are family, pet, and child safe and will be rinsed before the process is complete.  We force dry the tile as we go so no water or mess is left behind and they are ready to be walked on after a very short drying period.  A final optional step we offer is to seal your tile & grout to keep the tile protected for a longer period of time.

Why Choose Our Tile Cleaning Process?

When you choose our tile cleaning service, you're opting for a superior level of cleanliness that incorporates a thorough, fast, and efficient methodology. Our unique cleaning process features a specialized detergent for targeted grime removal and safe tile treatment. The counter rotating brush machine provides a scrub like no other, penetrating grout lines for deep cleaning. Then, our hot water pressure rinse not only removes any remaining debris but also sanitizes your tiles. Lastly, the speed dry ensures your tiles are ready for immediate use, reducing waiting time, and preventing the growth of mold or mildew. Each step in our cleaning process is meticulously designed and executed to provide optimal results while preserving the quality of your tiles. So, wave goodbye to the stains and grime on your tiles. Entrust us with the task of revitalizing your floor or walls and witness first-hand the remarkable transformation. Our comprehensive and professional tile cleaning service is just a call away. Choose us and experience a clean that surpasses your expectations.

We Clean Many Tile Types

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied we will revisit and address your concerns.  Before every job we will walk through the location with you to be sure we address all areas of concern for items such as furniture, stains, and abnormalities in the carpets.


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